It was decided that a limited number of diagnostic illustrations would be provided. These comprise over 50 photographs (including light and electron micrographs) and about 125 line drawings. The great majority of the latter were the work of Hilli Thompson, whose careful and accurate work we had noticed in other publications. We were delighted when she agreed to provide drawings for our Flora. 


By the time of the second edition in 1997 technology had moved on considerably, so we could produce proportionally spaced text using a better computer and a laser printer to generate the CRC. 

Field Flora of the British Isles, published in 1999, is a concise version based on the second edition of the New Flora. 

In the third edition Margaret was able to incorporate drawings and photographs into the text electronically and to improve the whole book aesthetically, so that Cambridge University Press could be provided with PDFs rather than the old CRC. 

The fourth edition is being published by C & M Floristics.